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  1. I was having ocd since last 4-5 years when i met Dr. Sanskriti. She is fabulous. She understood each and every part of my illness. She really made me comfortable in her sessions and i was able to speak out everything I had inside. She told me ways to face my problem and I followed exactly what she said, and now i am actually fine. I am able to do everything i want, pursue my studies, do my day to day activities and be myself.

    1. Thanks Sonal. I think your recovery can be largely attributed to your “following exactly what I said”. It takes a lot of faith and courage to do that. I’m proud of you.

  2. When I first went to meet Sanskriti Ma’am, I was in a very bad state of mind. Sanskriti ma’am was very understanding, she taught me so many methods for relaxing myself, cleared so many misconceptions about my anxiety and life, in general. It was one of the best decisions of my life to seek psychological help, and I was lucky I was treated by Mrs. Sanskriti. Although I still feel anxious and low sometimes but now it is just a thousandth part of what it really was. I am trying to rebuild my life, with ma’am’s help. I just wish I had met her sooner.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Shrey. I have witnessed a drastic change in you over the course of our therapy sessions . You’ve truly matured beyond your age. I wish you all the very best in life.

  3. Mujhe lagta nahin tha ki main kabhi OCD jaisi bimari se nikal bhi paunga .Lekin aaj main khulke kah sakta hun ki ocd ke bad bhi life hai.Jab main starting mein mrs sanskriti ke pas gaya tha treatment ke liye to seriously nahin lagta tha ki main thik ho bhi paunga.Lakin jaise-jaise session hote gaye mujhme kafi improvement hue,lakin beach-beach mein kai obstacles bhi aaye lakin mam aur maine milke un sabko door kiya.Meine apna 50% effort lagaya aur mam ne 50%.aaj mein 99.99% thik hun.

    Lastly mam i thank you a lot. Aap meri life mein ek angel ke roop mein aayi.Aaj mein jo bhi hun sirf aapki vajah se.mein to yahi kahoonga ki ocd ka perfect ilaaj aur baki sabhi mental illness ka illaj aap se behter aur koi nahin kar sakta .Bhagwan aapko hamesha khush rakhe.

  4. ummm to start with i must tell u that i m proud that i m having counselling with Dr. sanskriti. The way she understood my OCD and the way she wiped most of it is something i cant forget. I was having Ocd since 2013 but after knowing my problem i consulted many psychologists. many i left i still dont know why or may be because it was a part of my disorder. *I am weirder than u think* a line from a song THE MONSTER is a perfect definition for my disorder. I used to be commanded by my own internal voices and i used to see different live images and different objects moving. But worst of all i had billions of thoughts every second which used to slash through my mind every then and now. after having some 3-4 counsellings i felt better. Then i continued my sessions and now i m in a state of giving my board exams well otherwise i would have DROPPED OUT.

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